What Our Clients Think of our sevices


I went back up north for the summer and received a letter in the mail from my HOA
with a violation that had to be taken care of within two weeks – Issue: Dirty mailbox.

I called in Ultimate Property Services who cleaned up the mailbox and sent me pictures so I could satisfy the HOA – Assessment averted!

Joseph V.

Andros Isle

I needed an honest company to check on my new floor installation while I was on vacation. The people from Ultimate Property Services took away my anxiety by sending me pictures of the work daily. The Ultimate Team is honest, caring and has great communication. I receive reports weekly from them with pictures when they visit my home.
Anna Marie

Palm Meadows

I used to watch my home through a camera system when I went away, until a typical Florida storm hit. My cameras were knocked out and my alarm system shut off. A neighbor recommended Ultimate Property Services to me who I overnighted keys to my home. They discovered circuit breakers had tripped, so they reset everything and came back to let the alarm company in to check everything out. I now I have them on a weekly watch program.

Murray L.

Valencia Cove

While away from Florida I received a recall notice for my car. Since I use Ultimate Property Services to look after my home I took advantage of their concierge service. They made an appointment for my car at the dealer, drove the car there and back while waiting for the work to be performed. This group is top notch and I trust them with my car and home.
Paula W.

Palm Beach