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ULTIMATE Property Services, LLC

After years of owning and managing properties and enduring many unforeseen property issues, it became very apparent that property owners needed reliable, experienced, and trustworthy property monitoring and maintenance management.

The ULTIMATE Property Services team has nearly 100 years of combined experience in monitoring and maintaining property systems including, plumbing, electrical, security, roofing, landscape, pools etc. The three partners that have formed Ultimate see a need in this area in south Florida. Their tremendous knowledge, experience and background will be exactly what you need.

Have you ever left your home heading to another destination and asked yourself – Did I turn off the water, set the thermostat, clean out the fridge and countless other tasks that need to be taken care of prior to being away from your property for long periods of time. Then you ask yourself who can I call to help me? The right answer is The ULTIMATE Team!

In today’s world some of us fill our homes with technology, cameras, wi-fi thermostats, and various other home automation devices. They are all wonderful to have until the power goes out, the internet connection fails, or the device itself fails. You cannot substitute technology for a personal visit to your property. Who do you call? Again, the right answer is The ULTIMATE Team!

While you are away did a package get delivered, did someone leave you a notice, has the HOA decided you have a violation that needs attention, and so many more scenarios? Who do you call? Again, the right answer is The ULTIMATE Team!

Neighbors and family are great resources, but are they available all the time? Guess what they are doing when storm preparation needs to be taken care of? Do they send you pictures and detailed reports and do you really want to ask them to check your home weekly inside and out? ULTIMATE Property Services is here to help you navigate the unexpected of your home.

We truly are the ULTIMATE Property Services Team. Our experience in monitoring and maintaining properties for landlords, absentee owners or owners who prefer a concierge service will prove to be the ultimate experience for you. Whether you’re a snow bird, or going on an extended vacation we are your answer to piece of mind. We will take care of your home as if it was our own and report back to you as often as needed. We offer you that personal touch in property services you desire.

You have worked very hard to be able to afford an additional home and having more than one home you should be allowed to enjoy it without worry. An additional or seasonal home usually requires a sizable investment. Bringing in ULTIMATE Property Services will help you tackle the realities of life as unexpected things happen. So how do you get peace of mind and know your property is being cared for as you require? You bring in Ultimate Property Services to solve those events that take place when you’re many miles away.

You Deserve Peace of Mind

With ULTIMATE Property Services, you can find peace of mind by having our home watch specialists thoroughly inspect both inside and outside of your home, making certain that everything is as it should be. They look for vandalism, leaks, pests, mold, mildew, odors, appliance, electrical issues and other obvious issues which can be present in homes that are un-occupied for even short periods of time. Let ULTIMATE Property Services give you peace of mind by being your reliable eyes and ears.


ULTIMATE Property Services, as an accredited member of the National Home Watch Association (NHWA) is Licensed, Insured and Bonded and all of our employees are vetted with background checks before employment.


Some of the Communities Serviced by ULTIMATE Property Services

I went back up north for the summer and received a letter in the mail from my HOA with a violation that had to be taken care of within two weeks – Issue: Dirty mailbox .  I called in Ultimate Property Services who cleaned up the mailbox and sent me pictures so I could satisfy the HOA – Assessment averted. 

Joseph V.

Andros Isle

Our service is generally called home watch, home concierge, caretaker, and property watch.  Regardless of the name, home watch is the visual inspection of a home or property looking for obvious issues. Following up with detailed reports we communicate to the owners and keep them informed of the property condition, and any concerning issues while the owner is away.

This service is designed to find small issues before they become major problems. We can even help in resolving these issues. We are here to help with closing up your property when you are going away, and re-opening it when it is time for you to return. We keep watch over it during your absence and let you know exactly what it going on in your absence.